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Skwishee Lemon

Take a look at our current Skwishee flavours!

Flavours rotate throughout the year, so if you see one you like, be sure to head to your local Skwishee Stockist before it's gone!

For ingredients and nutritional information, simply click on the flavour card.


Frozen Raspberry.png
Wild Cherry.png
Skwishee Raspberry
Skwishee Flavour Card-04.png
Skwishee Coming Soon
Skwishee Coming Soon
Skwishee Mocktails.png

The latest and greatest invention from Skwishee Labs; Skwishee Mocktails!

Alcohol-free renditions of some of the COOLest cocktails around.



Combine your favourite Skiwshee with a biodegradable, flavoured, edible straw! 

Which flavour combo will you create?

Skwishee Strawberry Edible Straw
Skwishee Chocolate Edible Straw
Skwishee Lemon Edible Straw
Skwishee Lime Edible Straw
Skwishee Strawberry
Skwishee Lime
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