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Coming from a strong family history and continued business in Retail,
Skwishee was founded in 2017 initially with the purpose of supplying a selected few retail
stores with a branded, suitable, self catering carbonated slushee solution.

With our innovative branding, events, functions & flavours, word spread quickly and soon
Skwishee was being stocked in over 125 locations across the UK.

Today, we're focused on continuing to provide the best carbonated frozen drinks experience
to the UK whilst organising and launching a range of new innovative flavours, promotions
and making sure that Skwishee is accessible to everyone.

Skwishee Gradient-01.png

Our Mission & Vision

At Skwishee, We believe it's important to show our ethos and how we work in order to give people
a better sense of what Skwishee is all about and what makes us different.
Below, you can find our company values as well as our mission and vision statement:


Our mission:

to provide people with a chilled, flavoursome and refreshing drinks experience
whilst spreading positivity and establishing ourselves as the leading brand
in the frozen drinks industry.


Our vision:

to change the frozen drinks industry & culture in a positive manner
and show the world why Skwishee is so much more than a drink.

Skwishee Gradient-01.png

Our Values

Here at Skwishee, we champion ourselves on our ethos and our
values, which are at the core of our mission, vision and everything we do at Skwishee.
Our main 4 values are:

Delivering the highest quality across all areas of Skwishee.


Forming and Maintining positive and close relationships with clients,
employees, and the public is a huge factor of our success.


It's a given that founders should be passionate blah blah
and we want to give all our customers a reason to be passionate about Skwishee.


Innovation is what has lead to the invention of the wheel, the creation of the lightbulb
and the discovery of gravity. Here, it's what makes Skwishee, Skwishee.